Startup Incubation Program

Designed to help startups in their infancy succeed by providing workspace, seed funding, mentoring and training.

For Beginner Entrepreneurs Who's Startup Is At Very Early Stage

Startup Incubation Program is a premium plug and play for startups. It was introduced in 2020 to create a micro-ecosystem where startup founders can work together, share their learning and best practices with each other.

The program offers access to deep and wide-reaching network of investors, mentors, industry experts, and enterprises, which the startups can leverage to fast-track their growth and advancement.

Process of evaluation

Once a Startup Submits the Application He/She Will Go Through Three Rounds of Evaluation.

The information shared in the application will be the sole consideration for the round 1 of screening

this will include a telephonic or a physical meeting with the founders to assess them on team capablilities, Relevance of expirence, Product stage/type, Business proposition, Opportunity size Etc.

The final selection round will be presided over by the steering committee members consisting of investor head from a corporate, Goverment representative.

All the startup will be informed of the status of their application via email at the end of the evaluation.

Eligibility Criteria

Startup in the early and mid-stage that fall in the below given criteria are welcome to apply to the program.
Early Stage

Technological Innovation

Product Based

Startup registered in india or founded by indian founders with oprations in india

Services Based

Application based

MID Stage

Startup should have their product ready with some early traction

B2b Saas, any vertical, Any Domain

Paying customers, Poc

B2c-Mobile apps, Apps part of business can be considered-5000+ User visits/downloads

Full time founders with diverse skill sets and with at least one tech co-founder

All the startup will be informed of the status of their application via email at the end of the evaluation.

What to Expect

Offerings for Early Stage Startups
Offerings for Early Stage Startups
The startup kit is a key offering from startup incubation program that includes SOPs, Project reports,Marketing
Weekend Sessions
Workshop on a set of topics pertient to startup are covered quarterly. These session are conducted across the country by domain experts.
Consulting Sessions
Consultings supports in legal, accounting, sales, marketing, Product design and Managment for cohort startup.
Community Meetup Startup Incubation Program
A one day event attend by the who’s and who of the ecosystem in the region. the gatheing is organized to familiarze the new batch with ecosystem through knowledge sharing and discussions.
Founder Circle
Successful startup founder from varous domain are invited to share thier expirences and interact with member startups. These are infomal gatherings of alumni and Current startup from our program.

Offerings for mid-stage startups

All The Offerings Of Early Stage Startups Are Valid For Mid Stage Startups. Mid Stage Startups Are Eligible For
From Seed Capital To Growth Capital, The Startup Incubation Program Helps The Startups Shortlisted In Its Program To Raise Money From A Wide Range Of Investors-Angels, Micro Vcs, Vcs, And Government Funds.
We Are Supported By A Deep Network Of Mentors And Influences Who Work Closely with The Startups To Ensure The Right Kind Of Guidance Is Given At Different Stages Of Their Life Cycle.
Relevant Shortlisted Startups Will Be Provided The Opportunity To Showcase Their Product To Corporate Partners Across Industries And Explore Strategic Partnerships, Alliances, M&as Or Just Pure Business.
7 Stages Hand Holding Modules
  • Idea Validation With Market Research

  • Business Coaching From Experts

  • Registrations & Legal Support

  • Initial Seed Funding

  • Technical Support

  • Brand Building Strategies

  • Marketing Support Through Networking

What You’ll Get?
  • Idea Validation & Market Research Report

  • 18 Startups Mentoring Sessions With Assignments

  • Business Startup SOPs

  • 2 Passes For Startup-Investor Summit

  • Service Provider Contact List

  • 9+ Proven Branding Modules

  • Opportunities To Connect With 900+ Entrepreneurs Community

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