Startup Acceleration Program

A business program that supports early-stage, growth-driven companies through education, mentorship and financing.

We Become Partners By Taking 5% Of Your Equity & Helps
You In Multiplying Growth By 10X To 100X

Take Your Startup To The Next Level With Our Flagship Seed Program. We’re One Of The First Major Accelerators To Break Away From The Rigid Deadline System By Accepting Applications On a Rolling Basis. We Tailor The Program To Your Needs. We’re Founders First.

Startup Accelerator Program Focused On Supporting Startups Solving Problems Using Advanced Technology Like AI/Ml Or Data In Healthcare, Education, Finance, Media & Entertainment, Gaming, Enterprise & Other Spaces And That Can Scale Globally.

tartups Will Receive Mentor-ship And Support Around Web, Product Strategy And Growth. In Addition To Mentor-ship And Technical Project Support, The Accelerator Includes Deep Dives And Workshops Focused On Product Design, Customer Acquisition And Founders’ Leadership Development.

As Part Of This Program, Founders Outline The Top Challenges Facing Their Startups And Are Then Paired With Relevant Experts From Industry To Solve Those Challenges.

What Do Startups Get Out Of The Program?


Starting a Company Is Solitary And Challenging. Working With Other People Going Through The Same Challenges Makes a Huge Difference. Founders Who’ve Gone Through Our Program Tell Us That The Entrepreneurs Community Is Extremely Valuable.


You’ll Have Access To 900+ Founders, 200+ Mentors And Our Own Staff. Thanks To Our Massive Network, Startups Build Relationships And Partnerships That Wouldn’t Be Possible At Their Size Without Startup Ka Mall. Need An Intro To a Customer? Early Access To a New Platform Feature? API Access Blocked? Stuck At The Border? We Have Connections


Being a Global Company Will Validate Your Business, And Our Network Will Help You Connect With Investors When The Time Is Right. SKM Startup’s Standard Accelerator Deal Is a Good Investment In Return For a 5% Stake. We Charge Very Low To Participate, But The Fees Can Be Deducted From Our Investment.


Starting a Company Is Solitary. Working With Your Peers Going Through The Same Challenges Makes a Huge Difference.


We Brings In a Wide Variety Of Experts Focused On Marketing, Culture, Startup Accounting, Product Design, Sales, Finance, And More. Think a Startup MBA On Steroids.

Hands-On Support

We’ll Work Together On Your Business And Product Strategy, Growth Metrics And Investor Pitches.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply for our flagship accelerator 365 days a year on a rolling admissions basis at Startup Ka Mall

Mentorship: One Of The Biggest Benefits Of Going Through The Startups Acceleration Program Is Having Access To Knowledgeable Mentors. You Will Have Access To The Team, Seasoned Entrepreneurs, Experienced Investors, And Individuals With Considerable Expertise In Their Field To Give Feedback And Offer Guidance. We Also Host Numerous Talks And Fireside Chats. Speakers Include Top Domain Experts On Important Topics Such As Distribution, Design, Data, Fundraising, And More.

Help With Distribution: We Have In-House Distribution Experts That Will Help You Grow, Grow, Grow. Whether It’s Trigger Emails, Event-Based Analytic, SEO, Paid Ads, Or Creative Growth Tactics, We’ll Help You Get Your Business Where It Needs To Be.

Fundraising: Our Seed Accelerator Staff Is Made Up Of Experts With Years Of Experience In Fundraising And Pitching. You Will Learn How To Run An Effective Fundraising Process, How And When To Talk To Investors, And How To Effectively Tell Your Story.

Access To The Entrepreneurs Family: The SKM Startups Network Consists Of Over 900+ Company Founders And Over 200 Mentors. They Come From Diverse Backgrounds, Areas Of Expertise, And Locations. You’ll Connect To a Growing List Of Engineers, Designers, Marketers, And Founders From All Around The World.

Brand And PR: SAP Is Ranked As One Of The Top Seed Programs Worldwide And One Of The Most Active Seed Stage Investors In The Universe. The SKM Brand Draws An Impressive Group Of People, Ranging From Investors, Strategic Corporate, Platform Partners, Press, And Even The Occasional Celebrity. In Addition, We Run Events And Conferences Throughout The Year That Are Consistently Sold Out. All Of This Means Great Exposure And Visibility For Your Company.

Fun: The SKM Culture Is Best Described In One Hashtag: #Startupkamall. This Means Collaboration And Support, Creativity, Taking Risks, Embracing Failure, Transparency, And Moving Quickly. We Want You To Push Yourself Past Your Comfort Zone And Take Your Company To The Next Level. You Will Work Hard, But Have Fun In The Process.

Examples Include Sarol Lube, Shubh Asiatic Fragrances, Smazy Care, Stake India And Many More.
We Receive Thousands Of Applications For Each Batch And We Review Each One Individually. We Try To Respond To Everyone With a Yes Or No, But It Could Take Up To a Few Weeks To Get a Response.
Yes, Definitely! There Is No Downside To Applying More Than Once. Many Of Our Most Successful Founders Were Not Accepted On Their First Try, But Chose To Keep Making Progress On Their Business, Reapply To The Program, And Were Ultimately Accepted.
7 Stages Hand Holding Modules
  • Idea Validation With Market Research

  • Business Coaching From Experts

  • Registrations & Legal Support

  • Initial Seed Funding

  • Technical Support

  • Brand Building Strategies

  • Marketing Support Through Networking

What You’ll Get?
  • Idea Validation & Market Research Report

  • 18 Startups Mentoring Sessions With Assignments

  • Business Startup SOPs

  • 2 Passes For Startup-Investor Summit

  • Service Provider Contact List

  • 9+ Proven Branding Modules

  • Opportunities To Connect With 900+ Entrepreneurs Community

Are You Ready To Start Your Startup Journey With

Startup Ka Mall?